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Worm gears

Worm gears and wheels are just another type of our many products we produce.

  • Worm gears sets consists of a screw-like worm that meshes with a large gears, usually called a wheel.  The worm acts as a screw, several revolutions of which pull the wheel through a single revolution.  In this way a wide range of speed ratios up to 60:1 and higher can be obtained from a single reduction.
  • These can also be designed to be non-back drivable and can carry high loads. Because of sliding action there efficiencies is lower.
We can cut worm gears up to 1500mm in length depending on the profile of the teeth together with the mating worm wheel.  Worm wheels can be machined  up to a maximum diameter of 1200mm with accuracies up to AGMA Class 6.