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Helical gears

Helical gears can be machined

  • Helical gears also connect parallel shafts, but the involute teeth are cut at an angle (called the helix angle) to the axis of rotation. The  two mating helical gears must have equal helix angle but opposite hand. These gears are  found in automotive transmissions, and any application requiring high speed rotation and good performance.
  • Due to continuous tooth mating, helical gears run smoother and more quietly than spur gears.  They also have a higher load capacity due to there greater cross sections.
We are able to manufacture both single and double helical gears from 3 DP to 30 DP and up to 1800mm diameter.  Face lengths of up to 600mm are possible with helix angles of up to 60 degrees all depending on the configuration of the gear.  Accuracies of up to AGMA Class 6 are possible on our hobbing machines while AGMA Class 10 can be achieved with our grinding facilities.