47 Years of Quality Service
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Reconditioning of Gearboxes

Adlam Engineering are specialists in reconditioning of all types of industrial drives, fixed reduction and variable speed drives.

  • Adlam Engineering offers a comprehensive service on all our gearbox repairs and overhauls.  We are able to handle gearboxes of any manufacture and size up to 8 tons. Even obsolete designs can be overhauled and re-built to meet original specifications. Customer gear units are identified, stripped cleaned and subjected to thorough inspection.  Hereafter detailed condition reports are issued quoting price and delivery lead times for our customers approval.  The reconditioning of the gearbox may include the replacement of worm gears, shaft and other internal components.  We are also looking at reclamation of worn seal areas that can be hard chromed and finish ground, casings and bearing journals that can be buildup and remachined to rectify tolerances and specifications where required.
When required by customers complete gearbox overhauls can be subjected to test running on our purpose build beds.