47 Years of Quality Service
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Founded in 1974, by Tom Adlam (II) together with his father Tom Adlam (I) and his brother Conrad Adlam, Adlam Engineering began in a small workshop in Pomona (a suburb of Kempton Park) that they rented with only one employee. The three of them started off as a partnership and later converted their partnership to a proprietary Limited company in 1978. Their younger brother, Rudie Adlam also joined them in later years, making it a true family business. They soon became known for their quality of manufacturing in 1978 they moved to Benoni. Initially they rented the property but bought it later years. With constant expansion they were forced to move in 2009 to a new location in Boksburg East. Today Adlam Engineering with their gear cutting division covers more than 12,000 square meters.


Adlam Engineering (Pty) Ltd was established for the purpose of manufacturing industrial machine components by turning, milling and welding operations. Customers include the mining sector and general industrial industries. Adlam Engineering is a world-class rebuilder of mining equipment and engineer, design and manufacture alternative replacement parts for the surface as well as underground mining industry. We offer our customers experience and Adlam Engineering are constantly updating and investing in the latest CNC machines, tooling and software to ensure that the highest quality parts are made. We constantly strive to improve our quality in all our operations.

Key product characteristics for the above markets and the sector customers involved have been identified as follows:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Customer technical service
  • Fast delivery of products
  • The logistics of distribution and service

As a company manufacturing a wide range of machine components, we aim to provide a personal service and to satisfy customers with an excellent standard of quality manufactured products.

Our company is commercially aware and provides advice and guidance on all aspects of our products and their use in mining and industrial environments.

We are able to devote time and attention to customers' affairs and develop close relationships with management and staff.


We will endeavor to provide the highest standard of product and service to our current and potential customers; to the staff of our organization in terms of growth, self-assurance, health, identity, autonomy, as well as to develop an achievement of excellence in all our activities.


We want to become known as a first world-class supplier in the field of manufacturing and to provide an unrivalled product and service to our customers in terms of product and operating environment and to expand our expertise and customer base in all available avenues.