47 Years of Quality Service
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With our many years in operation here are Adlam engineering we have served in many industries.
Some of these industries includes the following:
  • General Industrial
  • Power Stations
  • Material handling
  • Agricultural and farm equipment
  • Off-highway equipment
  • Lifts and hoists
  • Power-transmissions
  • Construction equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Human transporters
  • Transmission gears
  • Heavy-duty truck components
  • Heavy earth moving
  • Agricultural equipment
  • High volume water pump gearboxes
  • High volume vacuum pump gearboxes
  • Marine applications
  • Canning and bottling machinery
  • Hoists and Cranes
  • Special gear box builders
  • Final drives
If your industry is not listed here please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be of any assistance.