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Industry Solutions

Quality replacement parts providing value for money, the genuine alternative.
Coal Mining replacement parts for:     



Shuttle Cars:
  • Complete Wheel Units
  • Bell joints
  • Steering l leavers, drage links, tie rod Ends
  • Conveyor Drive Reducers
  • Traction reducers
  • Universal Joints (Carlton Drives)
  • Pins & Bushes,
  • Sprockets
  • Idlers
  • -28 & -29 CLA arms, Reducers , Gearcases, Pots, Shafts, Bearings, Seals, Ripperveyor Idlers,
  • Rear Conveyors Booms, Pans, Head Booms, Cutter Drums, -33 & -37 Traction Planetaries, Track Idlers
  • Conveyor Chain, Conveyor Flights, Sprockets and Footshafts, Track Pins & Keepers, Wear Strips.
  • Electrical and Hydraulic, Electric solenoids.  Side boards ,Tail Rollers, Pins & Bushings,
  • Spray Blocks and Nozzles, Water Valves, Scrubber Parts, Filters, Etc.
Various Continue Mining machines/Loaders (Coal cutters) spare parts



Various Raise Boring machine spare parts