47 Years of Quality Service
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Design and Development

We are committed to quality, to products that fit, products that work and products with superior performance.
  • At Adlam Engineering we provide engineered solutions and answers to problems that hinder our customer's production. We have invested in the latest 3D Design Software for our experienced design team to work with, allowing them to redesign problem areas on machines to maximize productivity.  We are able to design alternative replacement parts that allow us to improve problem parts.  This also means that obsolete machines or gearboxes can be refurnished to original specifications.  All parts are designed with extreme care to make sure superior performance and quality standards are met.
  • We are also able to receive electronic drawing formats in DXF, DRW, TIF or PDF file formats that we can print at our offices to speed up the quoting process.  For manufacturing we can also receive IGES, PRT and STEP files to manufacture to make sure that your true models get machined precisely as you have constructed it.